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The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) has banned hawking on footpaths and public roads by non-tribals in the area that falls under its jurisdiction. The ban will be in effect from Monday, October 13.

This was informed through a KHADC order that was issued on October 4. The Executive Committee of the KHADC has stated that the United Khasi-Jaintia Hills District (Trading by non-tribals) Regulation, 1954, as amended and and the Rules framed there under prohibit non-tribals from carrying out any trade or business without a valid licence from the KHADC. If anybody is found violating the new rule, they shall have to report to the Trade Department.

Reacting to this, Joyharvard N. Marak. a resident of capital city Shillong says, “Its a good decision on the part of the Council, as the place will look more beautiful and the clutter on the footpaths will cease somewhat. Hawkers bring bad vibes on the street. Also, the Hawking that has being carried out is illegal, very unhygienic and its inconvenient for the people because footpath is not for hawking. They will have to find alternative means of employment.”