Controversial Comment of Apu Biswas Created confusion

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Denizens of Assam were left shell-shocked after a renowned film actress from Bangladesh, Apu Biswas, announced that the people of Assam’s Barpeta district are actually from Bangladesh on 23 October (Thursday).

The renowned actress made this remark at a cultural function in Sauliyabari village in Barpeta district, where she had alleged that the Barpeta residents are actually Bangladeshis.

According to the Bangladeshi beauty, everybody in Barpeta has a relative in Bangladesh. Thus, she believes that all the residents of Barpeta are Bangladeshis.

This statement has created utter confusion in the minds of Barpeta residents and left Assam shellshocked. Biswas’s statement caused controversy as Barpeta is mostly inhabited by minority people.

This statement by Apu Biswas bears extra significance after the publication of the final draft NRC published on August 31, which left over 19 lakh people stateless. These people, who fear deportation to the neighboring country Bangladesh, must now prove their ‘citizenship’ in the Foreigners’ Tribunals within 120 days.

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