NSCN (I-M) appeals to back Framework

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When the Government of India was prepared to make the final agreement on the basis of Framework Agreement, NSCN (I-M) said all Nagas should also be equally prepared.

NSCN (I-M) in a statement thus appealed with open heart and invited all β€œour brothers and sisters” in different groups to get on board the Framework Agreement and be a part of the final solution in the greater interests of the people and peace and progress in the land. It explained that following the commitment of government of India on the issues of Naga national flag and constitution and assurance to resolving them at the earliest, both parties had mutually agreed to go for final touch on the agreed competencies for conclusion. β€œWe reiterate our stand that we have forgiven the past mistakes of our brothers and sisters in different camps and that they should also forgive our past mistakes and be reconciled in the gracious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,” it added. Calling for peace and unity among all the Nagas, the organisation emphasised that unity for the historic tasks ahead was indispensable. And now was the time for the Nagas to unite so that together they could move forward to the new era, it added.

According to NSCN (I-M), the Nagas had faced many bitter war situations where they were made to fight back against enemies of all hues in defence of their national future. Mentioning that the demon of war had terribly devastated Naga families, societies, homes, villages, towns and their country to a great extend, it added that the Nagas were, in fact, β€œinnocent victims” of a war that was born out of the aggressors’ brains.

However, the group asserted that the good Lord heard the cries of the oppressed Naga people and answered their prayers, which touched the stony hearts of Indian leaders as both the Indian Army generals and political leaders finally admitted that the Indo-Naga problem was political, not military. The gracious Lord had opened the door of peace and negotiations for solution, it added.

Consequently, NSCN (I-M) said it embarked upon political negotiations with GoI from 1997. And after a series of intensive negotiations, the two parties had ultimately signed the historic Framework Agreement on August 3, 2015 based on the recognised unique history of the Nagas, the statement added.

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